Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The 5th Friday Gathering

Shalom everyone and here's one of the updates for this week.

Guess where it was. Haha.

So, last Friday (4/11) was the fifth times the Friday Gathering has conducted since the first one. Thanks CLC for the warm blessings that we could use the room for the time being. Our president, Owen has been going back and forth to check whether there's a room for us. The struggle to get a suitable place for a gathering is no joke. Since the new venue booking rules and system has been implemented rationally due to conserving electricity in campus, we could hardly get the room we used to have last semester; BT146. Our proposal remains rejected until now. That explains why we have been moving around from Tekun Foyer for our first gathering, and then to Kompleks Cahaya for a few times regardless of the discomfort, and finally CLC, the comfiest place we have so far.

Thanks Lord for listening to our prayers, hallelujah!

Last Tuesday was the All Saints Day, thus making the theme for the week was "Who's your saint?" We started off with a very small number of people this time, but the room feels like it was occupied. We could feel the Holy Spirit in our hearts as we praise and worship, it filled the atmosphere.

Owen during the P&W session
After the P&W session, we did an activity; each of us were given two pieces of paper and were requested to write our favourite saints on the paper. And some of us volunteered to share in front regarding the saints written. Thanks Queencie, Riti and Jason for the sharing, we get to know some saints because of you!

Queencie while sharing about her favourite saint
Jason from the Campus Ministry Office too, was giving off his thoughts about St. Teresa of Calcutta before he gave a talk about Camp Zion 2016 which is going to be held around the corner!

Jason from the Campus Ministry Office
And here's the highlight of the day; Christie gave a talk about her thoughts on the topic. She talked about her favourite saint as well; St Teresa of Avilla, at the same time she told us all the stories behind her name since she was named after St Teresa of Avilla too. It's really interesting to know that she got her name "Christie" because it was Christmas when she was born.

Before we came to wrap up our Friday Gathering with the closing prayers, a lady from the Youth Development Christian Center came in front to talk to all of us about her project in the campus. She came all the way from the Philippines to shoot for her documentary about Christianity. She was glad if we could help her to appear in her film for once or twice. 

Come join us for the next Friday Gathering everyone! We are going to have Father Stanley to talk about Mercy as the continuation of his talk last time, next week. Make sure you come!

That's enough updates for today. See you when I see you!

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