Thursday, May 28, 2009


Shallom friends..hey..
those who want to join Inter College Gathering (ICG) that will
be held on
Date:19-22 Sept 2009
Venue: Majodi Centre, Johor
Fee: RM 60.00
Please give your name to Aurthur (0168468114)/
BEFORE 2 August 09
Peace Be Upon You!!!..yeah

Sunday, May 3, 2009

CUS's Night '09

Hey geng..this post is about our CUS's Night which was held on 28 Mac 2009. The theme for that nite was Masquerade (alaa kunun topeng la tek..)..So, all participant have to wear their own mask that nite..CUS's dinner was organised for the seniors before their will graduate this october and most important was to appreciate the ex-board of CUS 08/09..Our VIP for that nite was Fr.Dominic and we also invited our guests from USM (sg.nibong) and other Christian groups in USM..Here are the pictures during the dinner..Sorry ha sikit ja gambar nii..

PCCG Camp 2009

PCCG or Penang Coordinate Council Gathering was conducted last 23-26 Jan in General College, Penang... Most of the participant were from USM(minden), USM(sg.nibong), UNIMAP,UTP and other universities.. We learned a lot during this camp about growing our faith with HIM, sharing with our cell groups and others. We also got to know lots of friends during this camp..There were so much fun activities such as Treasure Hunt which was conducted by USM(minden), praise and worships, acting, ice- breaking and so on. It would be more fun if there was a jungle tracking but unfortunately it was cancelled due to its bad weather(kunun...haha)..Yeah, we had so much fun and excitement tru this camp and we hope more outdoor activities to be added for the next camp(bolehkann.. :-) ).. Lastly, we thanks Jude as a PCC's president and the committee for their hardwoking effort througout this more..thx to Joana too..Red Indian group tu..(shabuyaaaa!!! sempatt..haha)...GOD BLESS..

Here are the pictures taken during this camp was held..peace out!!..

Peace yaa!!