Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Semester !!!

Halo people... !!!


How's your holiday? I hope everyone had fun.
Some of us went for internship during last 4 months holiday. Some kerja, some cuti-cuti sakan and some... jadi boss di rumah. And there are few that I knew active with church activities. Can't wait to hear your stories

*pillow talk mode on*

New semester, new sidang... means, new people iaitu juniors. And of course, Majlis Tertinggi. Most of you dah tau we already had our AGM (Annual Grand Meeting) last semester and Majlis Tertinggi baru sudah pun di lantik.

For those yang masih kabur-kabur or maybe tak tau, di bawah ni adalah senarai nama Majlis Tertinggi dan Exco bagi CUSUSM Sidang 2011/2012 :

Alvin Yong Shee Meng

Veraneeta Dumat

Magdelene Luis

Debby Chia

Cassandra Gail Pasqual

Jasper Olsen Francis
Elovera Chrissy Albert

Lai Kien Wee @ Kevin Juliano Lai

Esteranza Victor Junior

I'm sure our juniors sudah pun kenal nama-nama di atas. And kenal muka ^^

Okay... Next.

To all CUS members, especially our juniors, this Sunday ( 25th September )...
There will be a mass at 12 pm at FM House, Gelugor.
Those yang mau ikut and harus ikut (hahahaha) gather di gate Sungai 2 by 11am.
After the mass, there will be a fellowship at FM House.

Menurut Exco Outreach, saudara Esteranza Victor Junior, aktiviti ini adalah sebenarnya untuk para juniors because we want to show you where and waht is FM House - our second home and also place for us to conduct some activities.

So please dear juniors, do come ^^

Okay, that's all setakat ni. Sorry for my long hiatus. been busy with life ngeeeee (alasan semata-mata)...