Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dear CUS's...!!!


You guys know about our t-shirt design voting thing right? We have two design with the most votes but sekarang, masalahnya kedua-duanya seri!

Both design got the same amount of votes. So, for those yang belum vote, please kindly vote by 'LIKE' here

Thank You!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CUS T-shirts Design and other announcement

Attention dear all CUS's.....!!!

Please vote for your favourite t-shirt design. The design with most votes will be OUR T-SHIRT DESIGN for year 2010/2011.

Please VOTE by clicking/selecting/liking (ada ka???) LIKES here (only for CUS members only)

Here are some of the t-shirt designs untuk di vote :

* * * *

This Friday, we're going to have our first official gathering. The place and time are as follows :

Venue :
BT 150 (DK S,T,U,V)

Time :

30 July 2010

We're going to play game(s) and watch movies.

What movies???

RAHSIA! Harus hadir baru tahu what is the movie ^^

Just kidding. I'll inform you all when we've decide what movie to play on that day.

So, CUS's... see you there!

* * * *

Oh, another thing!

Don't forget our trip to Bukit Mertajam for St. Anne's Feast this Saturday (31st July 2010).

The transportation fee is RM10.

Bus will fetch students from RST and Sungai 2 gate at 9.30pm. Please don't be late! Those who wants to go but still haven't pay for the transport fee, please contact any CUS's members via their FB.

That's all for now!

Friday, July 16, 2010

St. Anne's Feast

CUS is organizing a trip to Bukit Mertajam for St. Anne's feast.

Those interested to go, here are the details :

31st July 2010

10am - 10pm

RM 10 (Transportation)

Please register at CUS booth on 22nd and 23rd July. Booth akan di buka along somewhere along DK Foyer atau depan Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 1. Atau, you can contact Marcella directly untuk register.

Tolong sebarkan notis ini pada yang lain especially to our juniors. This will be our first outing for this semester/sidang. So, mari meriahkan this trip!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello Again!

Dear CUS's,

Our first gathering for this semester will be as follows :


23rd July 2010


Padang Kawad

There will be some light refreshment (hopefully Helen can get us some food as well. Boleh makan2 hihihihi).

Kalau ada yang kenal/mengenali junior/freshies, please bring them to our first meeting. Lagi ramai, lagi bagus. Ok? ^^

See u guys there!

* * * *

UPDATE (JULY 15, 2010)