Thursday, December 3, 2015

Taize Prayer at Our Lady of Sorrows Church on the 10th & 11th October 2015

Today, 10th of October 2015, CUS was invited to collaborate with the Dental Institute in Penang and sing  for the Taize Mass in Our Lady of Sorrows Church. And we were also be singing with a group of professional choirs from Kuala Lumpur.

It was definitely an honor and a great experience to meet new people and to sing with them. 

This was our first practice in DUP USM.
 Although we were small in numbers at first,  but God made our voices big <3 

And the next practice was at the back of the DUP 
* we practically practice anywhere as long as there is shelter and plug xD *

Time passed by and the day came. We were very nervous especially when we had our first practice and meet up with the choirs from KL. Man, they sounded really good. It was indeed a wonderful experience as it was the first time a Taize prayer is conducted and we were among the first people involved in introducing it to the church here. how blessed and lucky are we to be a part of this!

This is how the altar looked that night (10/10/2015) .
 It was so beautiful and such a peaceful moment to sing and just meditate on the Taize songs . 
we were so in to the songs without noticing the songs was finished! 

Say cheese! <3

Take two! :D
And for them it was a hometown reunion. what a small world it is.

We hope and pray that there may be another chance for us to take part in a Taize mass or prayer in the future. we also would like to thank everyone for the effort and time spent to make the choir a success.  God bless!


It's the beginning of the new year, new semester and new members are coming in 

and CUS has also received quite a number of new members this year  ^.^ 

it's really exciting to welcome them all and it is a total blessed to have the other members keep on supporting CUS . 

**a big applause for them**

This year CUS was the organizer for the Combined Freshman and we thank the Lord for giving us such a blessing through out the process of managing the event. It was not an easy task to do but we manage pull through and we are glad that everything went well despite the obstacles.

without further a due here is a few of our pictures of the night 

All the four Christian Fellowship in USM in one picture :) In Christ we unite <3

Not all came but we were thankful for the ones who did come and support. 
God bless you all !

They were enjoying themselves with the games. 
Glad they did!
And actually even before the Combine Freshman, we were manage to gather all the Catholics freshman thanks to our lovely PPSL friends who helped out. And all of us went to church together for the first time * weee! *

And guess what? We went to Saint Francis Xavier's Church that day to support the Malay mass and it was quite a journey to walk there bringing them. We hope you had a great time. New adventure awaits as you start your journey here as a student.

Geez, thats all for the first entry of the semester ! see you soon, and May the Lord bless you. Amen. :)

CUS 2014/2015 Dinner Video

Here is the last dinner video for the activities that have been done last batch :) Enjoy it.