Saturday, October 7, 2017

A couple of weeks

So, what's up?

It seems like the brotherhood keeps on sailing. That photo up there is the photo taken from our second Friday Gathering yesterday. It was themed Rosary, since it is now Rosary month; we think that it is good to talk about the Rosary and pray Rosary more during the month.

Wait, we already had our second Friday Gathering???

Time passed quickly indeed. Last week, we just had our first Friday Gathering. It was at Tekun Foyer, started around 8 pm. Actually, it has been our tradition to have such gathering on every Friday, which is specially made for sharing session amongst the family members as to equip our knowledge of being a Catholic, plus to strengthen our faith in God. It's open to everyone regardless of individual faith (Catholic or Christian), our aim is to bring each other together and walk in Christ. 

For last week, our theme is "Welcoming all!" as our main purpose is to break the ice. Other than we were just introducing ourselves, we were also talking about the campus life, how to cope with problems and sharing experiences. Can't help but it was fun to hear sharings from the seniors about their journey from their first year until the current one, we hope that juniors will learn that the campus life is supposed to be hard or challenging but hey, try to imagine one day you will sit down laughing like that while sharing to your juniors about your experience. 

Chrissy initiating the sharing session
Roommates always being roommates; Jon and Owen reminiscing their first-year memories though they just had done sharing their stories.
Praise session

Worship session
Last Sunday, we also had an event called the Combined Freshmen. The title suggested what it's all about; it is all freshmen combined. Four Christian Fellowships in USM combined in an event to give an introduction of each CF to all the freshmen so that they need to choose to join the CF which they think best to pursue their journey in knowing Christ even more. 

The crowd
CUS was in charged of P&W session
Our representative/ President, Joshua himself giving an intro about CUS
This is our family :)

Well, other than that, we also have started our Sunday mass services in OLS. This week, the mass is fully conducted in Bahasa and it is our turn to serve (usually the second week of every month). In order to make things run smoothly during the mass, we did some practices already in this couple of days. 

It is not too late to join the choir yet! Show up at our practice later at 4pm in DUP, you are always invited! 

That's all the updates for this couple of weeks. Till we meet again! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Back to school and welcome aboard!

Shalom everyone!

Now stepping into our third week for the first semester, hopefully it is not too late to say, welcome back! Since the first and second week had never been easy for us, it is the real excuse why this blog is long abandoned. Sorry hehe

Anyway, for the first years, welcome to USM! We're are so excited having you on board, sincerely.

Good to know though it has been already about three weeks in the campus, the freshies have been so sweet and friendly; caught taking care of each other, going to churches together during weekends, helping each other registering courses, have dinner together, went shopping and celebrated some birthdays; dear seniors, we are doing pretty well! 

Don't believe me? Here is the evidence.

First Sunday Mass with seniors, OLS 
Blessings from Fr. Joachim

Second Sunday Mass with seniors, OLS

Time for volleyball!

Family dinner!

Enjoying Variasiswa together.

Dinner after Sunset Mass, CHS

That surprised face though haha

Let's encourage this love to continue to grow and take care of each other, like brothers and sisters. In brotherly love let your feelings of deep affection for one another come to expression and regard others as more important than yourself - Romans 12:10

Till then. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Meeting for CF Sport's Day and Danielle's birthday partaayy

Shalom. Good day folks!

Today is quite a long day isn't it? I bet that's already pretty normal for us all. I'll always tell or remind myself this when I went through restless days; Push yourself harder and set a new record. The other day, break it. Do everything you can do until there's nothing you can't do. It's painful today but one day, you'll get used to it. Take rest in between. Your body gets stronger. You'll see you did a lot of things along the way and don't forget, thanks be to God.

As usual, I just wanted to pass along the good vibes. That's pretty much motivation for today. Heeeee.

Alright. So, is there anyone who hasn't been notified about the next huge event? Come on, seriously. It's the Christian Fellowship Sports Day (CFSD). So good that it sounds like mycsd because *whispers; I know you like it. Muahaha. Seniors, don't worry if you've never heard of it, it's our pioneer project.

It's on Sunday everyone. Hopefully the day will be as it is called. Pray hard so it won't rain huhu *finger crossed. Bring your flip-flops okay, in case if it's raining these days and let's not see the negatives, we're gonna have fun. Definitely.

So the meeting with other CF reps was done on yesterday evening, with Kelly and Miriam (PKA), Wilson (LWCF) and Terra (CLC). Thanks for coming and support our humble project, everyone, we do really enjoy and appreciate your participation. Together we as one, in Christ!

Now we almost have a concrete plan; it is just the matter of weather, really. Games and prizes are now confirmed; 6 station games, 4 hampers for the winning groups. Spoiler: We will have a thug war. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES. Next blog post I'll tell you more for sure. Hehe.

If you're interested and available on the date and time, come. It's time to tighten the bonds and spread the love. Join in our mission to add happiness into other people's day, and of course ours. Bring your Christian friends from other churches as well. Don't miss the opportunity. 

haha who knows *lol

The registration will be closed sharp at Saturday, noon. Better not be late folks. 

And so when the meeting is over, we had a surprise for Danielle. It was her birthday on the 6th, we didn't have a decent celebration since so we decided to do it yesterday. 

Happy Birthday Suna!

Pizzas are awesome. Well, birthday cakes are too outdated.

Deep, great gratitude to the team for being awesome as always. Working together for Jesus. Our bonds are stronger day by day and times like these are the things I really treasure in life. Thank you so much for the love, CUS.

P.S: Please ignore my language, people. I mean, it's already 4 in the morning hmm. 

Time to log off. See you in the next post. Hallelujah for today! It's a happy day :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The 5th Friday Gathering

Shalom everyone and here's one of the updates for this week.

Guess where it was. Haha.

So, last Friday (4/11) was the fifth times the Friday Gathering has conducted since the first one. Thanks CLC for the warm blessings that we could use the room for the time being. Our president, Owen has been going back and forth to check whether there's a room for us. The struggle to get a suitable place for a gathering is no joke. Since the new venue booking rules and system has been implemented rationally due to conserving electricity in campus, we could hardly get the room we used to have last semester; BT146. Our proposal remains rejected until now. That explains why we have been moving around from Tekun Foyer for our first gathering, and then to Kompleks Cahaya for a few times regardless of the discomfort, and finally CLC, the comfiest place we have so far.

Thanks Lord for listening to our prayers, hallelujah!

Last Tuesday was the All Saints Day, thus making the theme for the week was "Who's your saint?" We started off with a very small number of people this time, but the room feels like it was occupied. We could feel the Holy Spirit in our hearts as we praise and worship, it filled the atmosphere.

Owen during the P&W session
After the P&W session, we did an activity; each of us were given two pieces of paper and were requested to write our favourite saints on the paper. And some of us volunteered to share in front regarding the saints written. Thanks Queencie, Riti and Jason for the sharing, we get to know some saints because of you!

Queencie while sharing about her favourite saint
Jason from the Campus Ministry Office too, was giving off his thoughts about St. Teresa of Calcutta before he gave a talk about Camp Zion 2016 which is going to be held around the corner!

Jason from the Campus Ministry Office
And here's the highlight of the day; Christie gave a talk about her thoughts on the topic. She talked about her favourite saint as well; St Teresa of Avilla, at the same time she told us all the stories behind her name since she was named after St Teresa of Avilla too. It's really interesting to know that she got her name "Christie" because it was Christmas when she was born.

Before we came to wrap up our Friday Gathering with the closing prayers, a lady from the Youth Development Christian Center came in front to talk to all of us about her project in the campus. She came all the way from the Philippines to shoot for her documentary about Christianity. She was glad if we could help her to appear in her film for once or twice. 

Come join us for the next Friday Gathering everyone! We are going to have Father Stanley to talk about Mercy as the continuation of his talk last time, next week. Make sure you come!

That's enough updates for today. See you when I see you!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Combined Prayer

Matthew 18: 20 - For where two or three gathered in my name, there am I with them.

We meet again in glee and in Jesus' name! Here again to keep you fresh with updates, though it is quite overdue.

It's about the second Combined Prayer for the semester! And when we say combined, it means 4 gathered as 1; PKA+CLC+LWCF+CUS. Prayers are always stronger when we are huge in number, isn't it? Besides we are always delighted to meet our friends from different Christian Fellowships in USM. We may come off from different backgrounds but after all, we are standing on the same ground, looking up to the same sky. Haha. Okay perhaps it's just too metaphorical, (lol) the underlying message here is that we are all working for our God.

About the event

Since it's the first entry about the event, it has to go through an introductory passage first. Combined Prayer is an event in which all the Christian Fellowships (CF) in USM get involved in. It occurs on every first Tuesday in the month. It has a praise and worship session, group prayer, ice-breaking and sharing session. For it is combined, it is such a valuable time to sit and pray together, talk about life experiences and share about faith as we are trying to shrink the gap between us.

On the day

It was on All Saints Day, 1st November 2016. Our utmost gratitudes humbly goes to CLC, for the first-rate room for us to gather and pray in Christ. We were already there at CLC Sg. Dua before the event starts at 8pm. As usual, we have already distributed tasks among the CF, which will alter after each Combined Prayer. For this session, each of the CF need to work on the tasks as following;

Prayer and venue: LWCF
Praise and worship: CUS
Refreshments: PKA
Ice-breaking session: CLC

CUS was in charged of the praise and worship session. Our team worked hard on the day and the performance was excellent. Good job everyone (pat on everyone's shoulder)

And here's the primary photo of the event. Too bad that we didn't remember to get more photos (because it was fun until no one remembers to even touch their phones) but no worries, there's always next time isn't it?

Till then. Stay tuned for more updates!