Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Meeting for CF Sport's Day and Danielle's birthday partaayy

Shalom. Good day folks!

Today is quite a long day isn't it? I bet that's already pretty normal for us all. I'll always tell or remind myself this when I went through restless days; Push yourself harder and set a new record. The other day, break it. Do everything you can do until there's nothing you can't do. It's painful today but one day, you'll get used to it. Take rest in between. Your body gets stronger. You'll see you did a lot of things along the way and don't forget, thanks be to God.

As usual, I just wanted to pass along the good vibes. That's pretty much motivation for today. Heeeee.

Alright. So, is there anyone who hasn't been notified about the next huge event? Come on, seriously. It's the Christian Fellowship Sports Day (CFSD). So good that it sounds like mycsd because *whispers; I know you like it. Muahaha. Seniors, don't worry if you've never heard of it, it's our pioneer project.

It's on Sunday everyone. Hopefully the day will be as it is called. Pray hard so it won't rain huhu *finger crossed. Bring your flip-flops okay, in case if it's raining these days and let's not see the negatives, we're gonna have fun. Definitely.

So the meeting with other CF reps was done on yesterday evening, with Kelly and Miriam (PKA), Wilson (LWCF) and Terra (CLC). Thanks for coming and support our humble project, everyone, we do really enjoy and appreciate your participation. Together we as one, in Christ!

Now we almost have a concrete plan; it is just the matter of weather, really. Games and prizes are now confirmed; 6 station games, 4 hampers for the winning groups. Spoiler: We will have a thug war. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES. Next blog post I'll tell you more for sure. Hehe.

If you're interested and available on the date and time, come. It's time to tighten the bonds and spread the love. Join in our mission to add happiness into other people's day, and of course ours. Bring your Christian friends from other churches as well. Don't miss the opportunity. 

haha who knows *lol

The registration will be closed sharp at Saturday, noon. Better not be late folks. 

And so when the meeting is over, we had a surprise for Danielle. It was her birthday on the 6th, we didn't have a decent celebration since so we decided to do it yesterday. 

Happy Birthday Suna!

Pizzas are awesome. Well, birthday cakes are too outdated.

Deep, great gratitude to the team for being awesome as always. Working together for Jesus. Our bonds are stronger day by day and times like these are the things I really treasure in life. Thank you so much for the love, CUS.

P.S: Please ignore my language, people. I mean, it's already 4 in the morning hmm. 

Time to log off. See you in the next post. Hallelujah for today! It's a happy day :)

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