Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conquering Kerachut Beach on Midsem Break..

Last Friday (21st August 2009), during the midsemester break, the Catholic Undergraduate Society was hosting an outing to Kerachut Beach. The project director was Juslin Mali. This outing consisted of hiking, picnic and barbecue. The fee was only RM10 perperson, including the transportation and the food. That was a good bargain most of us could ask for.

Our bus started off as early as 8 in the morning. We arrived around 9 am at the Penang National Park main gate. We were full of energy, in our quest to conquer the Kerachut beach.
*full of spirit moment*

Everybody looked fresh and energetic. Waiting for the boat owner to take some of the food and stuff.

Before starting the hike. Posing is a must. Thanks to Melody for taking this photo. ;)

The beautiful scenery captured by Melody. It would be a waste if this picture was not included in this post.

Smiley faces to show though in a tired state. It was an achievement to be able to smile after hiking for quite long, under the rain.

The picture of the hiking process. We didn't really feel the length of the journey's duration since some of us got entertained by the singing of some of the participants (you know who you guys are, hehe).

The scenery of the Kerachut beach. We finally arrived!! (Extremely happy because we were hungry that time.)

Resting at the barbecue venue at Kerachut Beach. Thank God we had a roof to protect us from the sun and the rain.

Emmerline, Marcela and Clevellen busy grilling the chicken wings for us. Thank you guys!! ;)

Happy face after eating. :) Emmerline posing while Stephanie and Melody was busy (eating)..

After we finished doing our activities there (eating, playing, taking pictures, and exploring, hehe) we ride on a boat to get back to the Penang National Park main gate.

It was a nice experience as the boat driver kept explaining to us the significance of the natural heritage while on the way to our destination. Thanks to the nice weather too, the boat ride was a fun experience.

See the cheerful faces of the participants. =)

When we arrived back at the Penang National Park main gate, we grabbed our chances to take more pictures.

This is a picture on the stairs of Penang National Park office.
Managed to smile though we were tired. Anything for getting a good photo, people!

Thanks to Marcela for taking this photo.

The bus picked us up around 4.30 pm and as you can guess, the bus were full of tired sleeping beauties. :)

It was an unforgettable outing for us.

Last but not least, peace out CUS outing!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Peace and Salvation with CUS..

For this week, as usual, CUS had organised its weekly gathering at BT 150, at the DKU block.

The theme for this week's gathering was 'Peace and Salvation'.

The programme started with an opening prayer led by Marcela. Then, a talk was conducted by Marcela, on the 'religious clock'.

After the talk, all the audience who were present were asked to check under their seats whether there is any small piece of paper.

Three CUS members, namely Clevellen, Helen and Maureen were the chosen three 'lucky' persons to have the piece of paper pasted under their seats. They were asked to choose to do something among the three options given, 1) sing, 2) act and 3) sharing about their stories. But there's a catch. All these three choices must be related to the theme 'Peace'.

One of the lucky ones, Clevellen, was thinking of doing the option 1, which was singing.

Yeah, some of us really paid attention.. ;)

This is a scene during the briefing of the last activity, which is a game related to trust and understanding. The CUS members were required to sit in their own groups, in a row. The person who sat behind his or her friend must draw something according to a given image and passed the image around through the sense of touch.
Sounds easy, but none of us got it right.

After the game session, we have the action song session. Stephanie and Melody were asked to lead the action song session.

The happy faces of the participants.. ;)

Finally, we came to the end of the programme, with a closing prayer led by Arthur.

PS: The CUS family which will conduct the upcoming gathering is St Paul's family.

Personal note: I apologize for only able to upload two photos for this post due to the wireless speed. I would try to upload more photos to this post soon. Thank you and God bless. ;)

Updated: I finally managed to upload the rest of the photos. Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CUS Gathering for this week (28th August 2009)

Shalom to all CUS members,

This Friday (29th August 2009), the CUS weekly gathering will be held at BT150 at Block G27, also known as DKU building, starting from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. All are invited to join this activity to strengthen our faith among the CUS families. This week's theme is Peace and Salvation, conducted by the St Paul family.

Peace and see you all this Friday. God bless!

NOTICE: for those who are joining the upcoming Intercampus Gathering (ICG )camp, please bring along RM 60 to pay for the camp fee and an additional RM15 to pay for the camp's t-shirt.