Saturday, January 8, 2011



How's your holiday CUS-ers???

How's Christmas? Mine was extra fun and I hope yours too. Sorry for the long silence. Been very busy with final exam last semester and di kampung pula tak ada internet hahahaha..

Anyway, it's 2011 now, permulaan tahun yang baru dan juga semester yang baru. Anyone of you ada buat resolusi tahun baru ? ^^ I bet almost all of reading this ada buat new year's resolution. I usually make mine during my birthday hehehhe


Now it's 2nd semester of this year's academic term. Bila masuk saja 2nd semester, akan adalah annual dinner CUS ^^

This year is no exception.

This year, we're going to have our Annual Dinner at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang.

The details are as follows :

Date : March 5th 2011
Time : 8pm till 11pm
Venue : Paradise sandy Beach Resort
Theme : Metamorphosis. A night to transform.
Price :RM50 per person (including transport).

For those who couldn't pay the full amount, do not worry. You can pay RM 30 deposit dulu which will be collected by end of this month ^^

Don't worry too much about the theme. You can be and wear anything you want, transform jadi the other side of you or jadi orang lain. Power rangers, Batman or Sailormoon also can... if you dare ^^

Further information about our annual dinner, feel free to contact person below via FB ;

Esteranza Victor Junior @ Joe
Helen Lee
Claire Marie

Or you can check the details here ----> CUS Annual Dinner

* * * *

My Fellow CUS-ers,

This Sunday akan ada Penang Campuses New Year Gathering di Penang Diocesan Centre Main Hall.

The time and venue :

Sunday, 9am till 5pm

Penang Diocesan Centre Main Hall (ground floor)

This gathering combine all Catholics/Christians student's group di Penang;

USM Minden (Main Campus)
USM Engineering
UITM Permatang Pauh

The foods are sponsored by Parish, so.... What are you waiting for! Come and join us!

Contact Marcela Pimid via fb kalau ada sesiapa nak join, or you can see the details here ^^

* * * *

Next, CUS Camp! ^^

Our CUS Camp will be held in Church of The Holy Name of Jesus, Balik Pulau selama 3 hari 2 malam.

Our theme this year is M.A.D (Make A Difference) ^^

The fee is RM 50 (transport, food, accomodation).

Program sepanjang camp? We're going to have praise and worship, games, movie, recreation and some interesting topics to discuss such as ;

Bigger and Better
The True Blue Colour
My Best Friend is A...?
Till death Do Us Apart

More information? Fell free to contact person in charge, Helen Lee via fb or ask us here.

* * * *

Exco2 sekalian (dan CUS yang berminat);

On 20th hingga 23rd January, PCC juga akan mengadakan PCC Exco Camp, bertempat di St Anne, Bukit Mertajam.

Further information about this camp, boleh diajukan di Facebook PCC atau di sini.