Thursday, April 30, 2009

CUS Camp 2009

Hey friends, CUS camp was conducted from 09-11th Jan last weekend in College General, Penang..haha..(skemanya). it was an excitement and full with experience for those who joined this camp. For my point of view, im enjoying this camp tho im not too serious during the taize prayer (haha..honest nihh..). The first thing that hpn to me and athur was we were stucked outsd and couldnt get into our rum (blum mandi g tuu..)..haha..

D first thing is we also builed our cell group during the activities...we have so much indoor and outdoor activities such as sharing amongs the groups, beaching(ahah..sesat ayat ni), hide and seek and others..These are the pictures shown our activities during the camp..

Lastly, everyone seemed very satisfied with d programme.. sure got some problems occurd, there are no perfect things mah.. hehe.. but as long as everyone happy n got something from it.. its already a success for us... tahniah la pada duke as d president and for d committee too.. hehe..