Thursday, November 3, 2016

Combined Prayer

Matthew 18: 20 - For where two or three gathered in my name, there am I with them.

We meet again in glee and in Jesus' name! Here again to keep you fresh with updates, though it is quite overdue.

It's about the second Combined Prayer for the semester! And when we say combined, it means 4 gathered as 1; PKA+CLC+LWCF+CUS. Prayers are always stronger when we are huge in number, isn't it? Besides we are always delighted to meet our friends from different Christian Fellowships in USM. We may come off from different backgrounds but after all, we are standing on the same ground, looking up to the same sky. Haha. Okay perhaps it's just too metaphorical, (lol) the underlying message here is that we are all working for our God.

About the event

Since it's the first entry about the event, it has to go through an introductory passage first. Combined Prayer is an event in which all the Christian Fellowships (CF) in USM get involved in. It occurs on every first Tuesday in the month. It has a praise and worship session, group prayer, ice-breaking and sharing session. For it is combined, it is such a valuable time to sit and pray together, talk about life experiences and share about faith as we are trying to shrink the gap between us.

On the day

It was on All Saints Day, 1st November 2016. Our utmost gratitudes humbly goes to CLC, for the first-rate room for us to gather and pray in Christ. We were already there at CLC Sg. Dua before the event starts at 8pm. As usual, we have already distributed tasks among the CF, which will alter after each Combined Prayer. For this session, each of the CF need to work on the tasks as following;

Prayer and venue: LWCF
Praise and worship: CUS
Refreshments: PKA
Ice-breaking session: CLC

CUS was in charged of the praise and worship session. Our team worked hard on the day and the performance was excellent. Good job everyone (pat on everyone's shoulder)

And here's the primary photo of the event. Too bad that we didn't remember to get more photos (because it was fun until no one remembers to even touch their phones) but no worries, there's always next time isn't it?

Till then. Stay tuned for more updates!

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