Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What We've Done So Far

This is what we did last week. bermalam di FM House dan kemudian, hari Ahad, kami menjadi peniaga berjaya ^^

Well, there are few more photos to be upload. I'm soory for the delay tapi memandangkan I don't have internet connection in my room, for now, I can upload our last week's activities.

Photos from St Anne's trip and also our 1st unofficial gathering di Padang Palapes will be upload soon *I try* hehehehe....

Masa di FM house, we played games like 10 cent and silent killer. We also watched concert, to be precise, The Dream Concert, menyanyi2dan bersembang-sembang sambil memasak. It was sooooo fun ^^

Best thing was, our PCC members were also there so, double the fun. Walaupun diorg lebih banyak menghabiskan masa menyanyi, keluar dengan Anne dan makan (hahahaha), but having them there with us adalah best ^^

So, below adalah few photos from last week's activities - Coffee Morning (for fund raising)

CUS Coffee Morning

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yay!!! love d pics!!! aigoo...nsb bek kaki i licin..huhu pose gaya apa ntah promote lollipop!!pics yg overall sgt N.I.C.E!!!!