Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello again CUS's ^^

How's your week? I really hope you all 'enjoying' your classes hahaha... By the way, there are some news which I fail to post here. First thing is about our t-shirt. Well, from the votes (and comment) received, most of us agree to have this design for our CUS t-shirt :

Jangan tanya dulu how much is the price etc sebab we just ended the voting session. Bersabar lah okay ^^

I'll give updates on the price and when you all can start booking and ehmm... paying ^^

* * * *

Second news or announcement or update is about our PCC Gathering.

PCC (Penang Coordinating Council) Gathering kali ini akan di Cameron Highlands dengan tema yang menarik iaitu F.U.N (Fun Unite Nation) ^^

Below adalah maklumat lanjut about tentang gathering tersebut :


10 - 13 September 2010
Friday till Monday
4 days / 3 nights


Infant Jesus, Barre Center, Cameron Highlands


RM 95 (Accomodation + T-shirt + Food)(br)
*Transportation fee will be announce later on*

To those interested going for this gathering (especially the juniors ^^), take your time to think about it. But, if you already make up your mind and want to join this gathering (it will be FUN!), give your name to any CUS Excos. or maybe just give us your name during our Friday gathering.

More details about this camp will be announce this Friday (11/08/2010)

* * * *

Being away from family and close friends you've known so long sometime makes you feel lonely. I'm sure it gets harder when you're having problems, facing dilemmas or ... when need someone to talk to.

Our community bukan saja ditubuhkan untuk mengingatkan kita tentang keimanan (our faith) tetapi juga untuk kita sama-sama berkongsi what ever we have. Yang baik, yang buruk... we share and we learn from each other.

CUS is a family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

This coming Friday, we'll going to have our gathering as usual at BT 150, from 12.30pm till about 3pm. Our theme Friday is "Friends Are Quiet Angels".

We also going to have Rosary Prayer so please bring your rosary ^^

For those who never come to our gathering, please come ^^
For those who always come, don't go missing ^^ hahahaha

Well, anyway... Please come to our gathering this Friday if you want to know who's your personal CUS Buddies. What is CUS Buddies? Well, just come and you'll know ^^

Well, I guess that's all for now. If you want to know more about PCC, please visit their Facebook HERE.

You can also visit the link anytime from your facebook (add them! ^^) or from our link list on the left side of this blog. Till then... Shalom!

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