Saturday, October 17, 2009

CUS Gathering for 23rd October 2009

Shalom brothers and sisters in Christ...

On the upcoming Friday, CUS is will be having our last gathering for this semester, and St Anne's family will conduct this gathering. This gathering will expose you to more than what you know now. Wonder what is it? Know the answer by attending the gathering next Friday. ;)

Date: 23rd October 2009 (Friday)
Time: 12.30 pm

Theme: Faith, Hope & Love
Venue: BT150, Block G27 a.k.a DKU buildi

Please be punctual and see you on Friday..
Don't forget to bring along your friends
and last but not least, God bless!! :)

On another note, let me include a brief description of last Friday's exam Mass, which was held at on 16th October 2009. The Mass was celebrated by Father Dominic, and there were 35 people (the best attendance so far) participating in the Mass. :)

Father Dominic giving a sermon on the gospel of the day.
The sermon was about how we should not be hypocrites in our lives.

After the Mass, the announcement about CUS Camp for January next year was made. At the same time, Fr Dominic was promoting two books,

1) God's Word for Each Day (2010), price RM20. You can purchase it at the Our Lady of Sorrows' Church after the Sunset or Sunday Mass.

2) 2010 Daily Gospel, can be purchased at RM10 at OLS church too.

That's all so far for this week. See you again on the next gathering, which will be the last gathering for this semester. God bless!

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