Thursday, October 22, 2009

CUS Camp Next Year!!

Shalom brothers and sisters in Christ...

CUS will be having a CUS camp on the 15th to 17th January 2010, so we are inviting all of you to join this camp to experience something wonderful. The theme of the camp is "Walk the Talk" and several professional speakers will be invited to give each one of you the input on what you should know about your life, and our lives as community. ;)

The fee is RM50, and the accommodation is yet to be determined (either at Stella Maris or College General, y'all).

Please do not hesitate to join this camp as this is once in a lifetime opportunity -yes, I am not exaggerating- and it is a beneficial activity to fill in your first few weeks of the new semester, right? (At least you got something else to share with your friends besides a trip to the shopping mall on weekends, agree? ) So, why wait? If you want to join, you can e-mail me ( or leave a comment at the shout out widget at the sidebar, or come to meet us face to face this Friday at Bt150, 12.30 pm during our weekly gathering and ask us about it for further information. Peace be with you and thank you.

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