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The Starting Point Where I Spread My Wings.

Greetings, and Shalom to you readers! My name is Deejay and I am one of the first year junior for CUSUSM this year of 2011/2012.

This would be my first post in this blog, and I am blessed to do so. I love writing cause this is one of the things I would do when I am stressed out. My hobby, to be exact.

Okay, so, on the 16th of March 2012, I was one of the juniors conducting the CUS Friday Gathering, alongside with Tiffinny, Aubrey and Flora. My heart is excited of being of the ones to conduct the gathering, but my mind always reminds me "Can I do this?"

I honestly would like to point out that I'm not an avid reader of the Bible. I do not own a Bible. I know there are such online Bible webs, but I would rather open up my Facebook, Twitter or my Email Account whenever I open the web browser.

And so, I felt rather scared of conducting such gathering, cause I'm the one who should be conducted, not conducting.

But with the help of the seniors like Helen, Elo, Vera, Alvin, and others, along with Tiffinny's enthusiasm made me calm down, and try to do my best in conducting the gathering.

The theme for the last Friday Gathering is Prophecy - 2012/End of Time. I was like, "okay, one theme that I wasn't familiar with... great, just great..." But then, I try to stay positive. "Ah, this could be easy! I have Tiffinny, Aubrey and Flora to back me up. And God as well. I can do this!"

We decided that Aubrey will play the guitar, Tiffinny will do the ice-breaking (in such a unique way, fuuuhhh), Flora will conduct the group discussion, with Tiffinny helping to explain bout the discussion, and I would be doing a short video on the prophecies of the end of the world. Oh, and Aubrey will give a video as well about the good thing in life.

We started with Tiffinny's ice-breaking - Sway! Everyone was encouraged to do the stretching by swaying their moves through Michael Buble's Sway. This is one of Tiffinny's idea of creating some difference in the gathering, as well as making it more interesting. I'm quite okay with her idea, its fun! Don't know about the others, though. Joe's seems to enjoy the swaying, haha.

Then we started our opening song, Bapa Yang Kekal. A huge thanks to senior Jasper for helping us out in playing the guitar along with Aubrey. Then Flora started the opening prayer.

And then, I started the a short video to open up everybody's mind on "What does prophecy means for you?". Actually I just extract some scene from the documentary movie Nostradamus: 2012. Actually I don't know much about the prophecies of the end of the world. So, I was wondering the same question when I made this video myself! Here is the video that I shown:

And then Flora and Tiffinny started the group discussion. 3 groups are divided to discuss on "Imagine the world will end in the next 10 months. What will you do?".

Fuuuhhh, a lot of unique answers were given. The most popular answers would be something like 'spend time with my family + friends + love ones'. Some wants to travel to somewhere, be it India, Mount Kinabalu or around the world. I personally, wants a six-pack before the world ends! Haha! And some even wants to get married before the world ends! I guess somebody's long for an 'I do' events, huh... Haha!

I would love to list down ALL of the answers here, but there's too much, I guess. So, I'm just gonna share out the most interesting answers. Without revealing the names, of course.

"Apologise to each and everyone that I ever met in my life."
"Eat chocolate and gain 10kg." (errr....) 
"I will live as though I do not know the prophecy. Because I don't think that I can make any difference if it really happens. So I will just live and survive to have my own better life."
 "Remind myself each day that I need to be a good man for when I stand before God I cannot say 'it is not convenient to be good at the time' or 'I was ordered to do so by others', that would not be enough. For my soul is my responsibility alone." (my personal fave)
"If I got 10 months left, I will leave this USM and meet all my family member, my love one, my relatives and my friends. From there I will be starting to prepare myself in terms of spirituals, in the same time I will be tempted with the world lifestyle, example money, career, and entertainment."
And after that, Tiffinny did some sharing. I don't think that it is appropriate to write what she shared, let it be between her and us who went for the gathering, as well as Lord Jesus who will always remains with us everytime, everywhere, everyday. But I do wanna share this:

"God made us like this for a reason. He gave men two eyes so that one eye could look forward and the other eye to wink at a girl. (err....) He gave us two nostrils so we could smell the scent of our loved ones when we hug them or when we kiss them. (wow...) He gave us two hands with five fingers each, so that when we forget to bring our rosary for prayer, we can use our fingers instead." - Tiffinny Shally

Tiffinny is a really good speaker. She is most passionate in talking in front giving speech. And the above speech is the example. Plus, she teaches us about how our hands represent in our prayers.

  • The thumb is the closest finger to us, thus represent the need for us to pray for our closest companions. Our family and friends, for instant. 
  • The index finger is for our teachers. 
  • The middle finger; if you notice, is the tallest fingers among all. Thus, it represents the need for us to pray for our leaders.
  • The ring finger; if you notice, is the hardest finger to use when you are playing a musical instrument. Thus, it represent the need for us to pray for the weak ones.
  • The pinkie, is the smallest finger and the furthest one from us as well. Thus, it represents us, ourselves, reminding ourselves to always put the others first, and us last.
  • Our palm have curves for a reason. It represents the need for us to pray for the souls in the purgatory. It is said that each prayer that we make for the souls in the purgatory could send many to heaven. We could use the The Prayer of St. Gertrude:
"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen."

And then, Aubrey shows us the video to show that we should appreciate what we have while we still can. And the video really touches me, I honestly shed a drop of manly tear watching the vid:

 And then the closing song "I Offer My Life" is sung. Again, with the help of Jasper (THANKS!!!). Tiffinny ended the gathering with a closing prayer.

And that's about that for the last gathering! Forgive us if there's anything wrong while we conducted this gathering. I too noticed that the theme was a little bit off. But what our intention is that whatever happens in the future, the end will come, so we need to be prepared. Do what we desire while we still can!

Forgive me if I write something wrong in this post. Do comment my mistakes, as mistakes could evolve into experiences. Thus, it could make us do better in the future.


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