Friday, March 12, 2010

Outreach-ing the Children at St Joseph Home..

6th March 2010...

11 of the CUS members, namely Stephanie, Meredith, Juslin, Elizabeth, Marcela, Esteranza, Natalia, Duke, Mellisa, Man Lee, Maureen along with Anne Beatrice, our Campus Minister,- arrived at St Joseph Children Home, located at Upper Penang road, at around 1.45 pm.

It was a sunny afternoon, hot and greasy, but that did not bother us that much as what excites us more was the activities that are going to be done!

The children gave us a warm welcome upon arrival, and a number of them were the students of one of our CUS member, Mellisa, as she was doing her practical at a high school in Penang at the moment. Imagine the students' happy faces when their teacher came to play with them, instead of teaching them formally at school!

Lis and her students!!

We spent our time sing-along and playing games with them, and Marcela was the MC of the day! Juslin, on the other hand, was the guitarist. We sang a number of songs with them before proceeding with the activities planned for them. ;)

We had three activities with them, namely:
1) Origami
2) Bola
3) Teka aksi kawan

It was fun spending time with the energetic kids.

Well, I guess words won't convince enough as pictures could so here I present all of you with the pictures we had taken during our memorable visit!! :')

Marce, Juslin and Man Lee with the lovable kids!!

The two role models for children.. ;)

During the third game - Teka aksi kawan!

The musician and the MC of the day!!

They really love the kids!!

Take 1: Candid camera! hehe..

and finally, take 2: Everybody was in position.

It was a memorable experience for all of us. The kids had touched us - instead of us touching them with our outreach.

It was one experience which we may always look back to, and which we are going to look forward too in the future.


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