Sunday, September 6, 2009

CUS's Car Wash

Today, the Catholic Undergraduate Society had a car wash activity done at the
Immaculate Conception church.This car wash was done mainly to raise fund for the CUS's participation in the upcoming ICG camp.

The project director was Chai Cheng Yee. There were about 16 people who participated in this activity. The bus started off to the IC church at about 7.10 in the morning, and arrived at the church at around 20 minutes later.

We were really putting on our efforts to lure customers into accepting our car-washing services and we really put in our efforts while washing the cars though time were limited. It was a challenge. But anyway, it was a good chance for the CUS members to experience teamwork among ourselves. Some were having fun though doing the tiring job. It was a blessing that the weather was humid, not raining but it wasn't that hot either. It was just nice for us to wash the cars.

The parish office and the parishioners' generosity towards our society will always be remembered. :') God bless you all~!

After the car wash activity. The CUS members looked tired but happy cause they finally managed to raise fund for the club's activities.

Cleaning everything up after the car wash.

Posing after an achievement of an activity is a must. Good job, everyone!

Finally, we went back to USM during the noon, around 12 something, nearly 1 am, and we hope the best for CUS activities in the future. Hopefully, this experience will also teach us CUS members to improve our car-washing skills next time! ;)

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